Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lyons Teams with Heartland Blood Centers for Blood Drive and Sees Record Numbers in November

Lyons Teams with Heartland Blood Centers for Blood Drive and Sees Record Numbers in November

The Village of Lyons partnered with Heartland Blood Centers November 13th for their third blood drive of the year, seeing their most successful blood drive yet.

Working closely with local communities to set up blood drives, Heartland Blood Centers projected to collect 15 units of blood from Lyons. They received a record number of 20 as residents came out in droves.  

“It does not surprise me that we broke the record, the residents of Lyons are always willing to help the community,” said Parks and Recreation Director Frank Torres.

The next blood drive the village will host will be in January of 2013.

Mayor Getty reports on increased street & sidewalk improvements in Lyons

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty told attendees at a recent meeting of Lyons Retirees that the village has surpassed its goals for sidewalk and street improvements this year.

Speaking at the Lyons Retirees on November 18, Mayor Getty celebrated the club’s third year at their annual anniversary party.  With more than 160 retirees attending the event in the village’s community room, President of the Lyons Retirees Ken Getty applauded the village’s achievements.

The five hour event included food and entertainment donated by Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty.

Getty offered a review of the work completed by the Village of Lyons during the past year including the renovation of seven streets and 1,200 sidewalk squares, and the replacement of 36 catch basins.

“In the past, the village would only replace about 400 side walk squares per year, but this year, the village replaced 1,200 side walk squares,” said Mayor Getty. 

Street improvements in Lyons

Getty was proud to inform the group that the majority of completed projects were county and state funded and he was seeking an additional two million of federal grants for a water main replacement and restoration of Smith Park.

“Communities have to fight for their share of public funds from the state and Federal government and I am proud to be on the front lines to insure that the essential work needed in our community is addressed. This year, we were able to go beyond what had been projected.”

After he addressed the club, Mayor Getty joined the retirees in listening to some live entertainment from the band the Affects.

“It was great to spend time with the retirees.  I love coming to their events and visiting with all the residents, said Mayor Getty.”

The Lyons Retirees is the largest civic club within Lyons and meet at the Lyons Village Hall twice a month.  Membership is twenty dollars per year. 


Mayor Getty Makes Progress towards Village Improvement Goals

Mayor Getty Makes Progress towards Village Improvement Goals 

The decision to demolish the former iconic Alphi’s Steakhouse will help the village open the door to more business improvements, possibly attract a new business to the now vacant site Mayor Christopher Getty said.

“This is progress and it will open up that space for a future development or business opportunity,” said Mayor Getty.  

Located on the 7700 block of Ogden Avenue in Lyons, Alphi’s steakhouse was once a thriving fine dining establishment serving the Lyons community and its neighboring suburbs.   In the 1990’s the restaurant closed its doors after 30 years of being in business, a sad day for many of its regulars.

Since its closing, there have been a number of failed attempts to duplicate Alphi’s success at that location and in recent years the now bank owned vacant building has served as an eyesore for the village.

Mayor Getty and the Village Administration took action by applying pressure on the bank to either maintain the vacant building or tear it down.

“I’m happy we are seeing progress from our work, we applied pressure on the bank, who owned the property, to maintain the building or tear it down.  They choose to tear it down,” said Lyons Building Director John Pierce.   

Demolition of the former Alphi's Steakhouse on Ogden Ave


Monday, November 19, 2012

Getty tours newly opened Walgreens health clinic

Getty tours newly opened Walgreens health clinic

Lyons IL – Lyons Mayor Chris Getty toured the recently opened health clinic hosted by Walgreens in its store located at the corner of First and Ogden Avenues.

Getty said the new clinic will allow residents to address routine medical needs short of emergencies.
Walgreens store manager Philip Abed led the tour of the new community clinic, and reviewed services residents can expect there.

Abed said that residents from the surrounding area will go to the new “take care clinic” to address general health care needs.

“Walgreens has brought a flagship store to Lyons” Mr. Abed told Mayor Getty, “and expanding to include this health clinic is going to be a great asset for the village.”

Walgreens aims to have their new stores promote health offering fresh fruits and nutritious snacks to customers. The expanded store space allows for more room in the freezers and removes underutilized stock storage space allowing for customers to experience a larger variety of choices.

The improved photo counter offers more options to select from for digital and film based cameras. With more photographers using digital based media it allows the photo counter operate in an environmentally friendly way taking advantage of state of the art technology.

Walgreens will bringing more shoppers to the Village of Lyons by offering more to customers. The expansion of the Walgreens store shows that Lyons is a Village ready to grow economically because it is a community that is business friendly and resident driven.

“In today’s difficult times, the ability to find routine healthcare services at an affordable price is important,” Getty said.

“I think this new clinic service that Walgreens in Lyons is offering will be very popular with residents.”

Pharmacy and Clinic Staff at Walgreens

Mayor Getty tours the expanded services at Walgreens


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mayor Getty Seeks $400,000 in Park Improvements for Lyons

Mayor Getty Seeks $400,000 in Park Improvements for Lyons

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty met with Springfield legislators and government officials recently to push for the approval of a $400,000 grant to improve William G. Smith Park.

Getty said the Village applied for an “Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development” (OSLAD) grant to upgrade the park and renovate and replace equipment. 

Smith Park is located on Lawndale Avenue across the street from the Lyons Village Hall and is adjacent to the recently developed Veterans Park. 

“Smith Park is one of the final key pieces to successfully completing the park campus for our residents,” said Mayor Getty. 

“The Village complex is often the first thing that visitors to Lyons see and this will make it an even more impressive experience for visitors while also providing improved park services to our residents.”

Lyons is seeking $400,000 to rejuvenate and rebuild Smith Park, which has is in need of improvements.

In total, 69 municipalities applied for the OSLAD grant, but only 49 were invited to interview in Springfield.  Each applicant that went to Springfield had to speak in front of a state committee to prove why they deserve grant money. 

“Many Municipalities hire consultants to make the trip to Springfield, but I feel it is my responsibility to represent the Village of Lyons,” Getty said.  

Mayor Getty was accompanied by Parks and Recreation Director Frank Torres during the Springfield trip to meet with the OSLAD Committee members. 

One of the few elected officials to attend the meeting, Getty spoke firsthand about the village’s need to improve its parks and to receive state grant funds to complete the project. Getty stressed the improvement will benefit all of the residents of the entire village.

Frank Torres took the committee on a tour of the project which includes: a multipurpose field for soccer, football, and lacrosse, a picnic area, and a lighted walking path with exercise stations. 

“This is a unique and rare opportunity for Lyons, our residents deserve a park which everyone will enjoy,” said Director Torres.

Lyons is likely to receive notification of any grant award in early 2013.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayor Getty and Lyons Officials Commemorate Veterans at Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Mayor Getty and Lyons Officials Commemorate
Veterans at Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Lyons, Il -- Mayor Getty and members of the Lyons Board honored veterans during annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Sunday in front of the Eternal Flame, the Village memorial site.

With more than 60 people in attendance, including representatives from the American Legion Rifle Squad, elected officials Clerk Dawn Campos and Trustee Paul Marchiori, and American Legion Post Commander Benjamin Fuerst, the ceremony paid tribute to members of the Armed Forces both past and present.

Post Commander Fuerst, who also served as the Master of Ceremonies for the event, opened by leading attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

In addressing the audience, Lyons Mayor Getty reminded everyone why Veterans Day is important.

"We honor our veterans and recognize a soldier’s sacrifice for we are grateful to anyone who has ever put on a uniform to defend our Nation and its freedoms," said Mayor Getty.

After a performance of “God Bless America” by David Molinari, Lyons Resident Sargent Jason R. Thomas from the United States Marine Corps placed the commemoration wreath for display in front of the Eternal Flame. 

The ceremony closed with the American Legion Rifle Club firing four shots as a salute to all veterans, a bugle performance of “Taps” by Lyons Police Officer Roger Wiggins, and Molinari playing the World War II song “Til Then.”

In his closing remarks, Post Commander Fuerst asked everyone to keep all service members in harm’s way in their prayers.

The Veteran’s Day Ceremony has been a valued tradition of the Village for many years.

Lyons American Legion Post and some of its members

Lyons Mayor Chris Getty with U.S. Marine Sgt. Jason R. Thomas