Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mayor Getty reports on increased street & sidewalk improvements in Lyons

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty told attendees at a recent meeting of Lyons Retirees that the village has surpassed its goals for sidewalk and street improvements this year.

Speaking at the Lyons Retirees on November 18, Mayor Getty celebrated the club’s third year at their annual anniversary party.  With more than 160 retirees attending the event in the village’s community room, President of the Lyons Retirees Ken Getty applauded the village’s achievements.

The five hour event included food and entertainment donated by Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty.

Getty offered a review of the work completed by the Village of Lyons during the past year including the renovation of seven streets and 1,200 sidewalk squares, and the replacement of 36 catch basins.

“In the past, the village would only replace about 400 side walk squares per year, but this year, the village replaced 1,200 side walk squares,” said Mayor Getty. 

Street improvements in Lyons

Getty was proud to inform the group that the majority of completed projects were county and state funded and he was seeking an additional two million of federal grants for a water main replacement and restoration of Smith Park.

“Communities have to fight for their share of public funds from the state and Federal government and I am proud to be on the front lines to insure that the essential work needed in our community is addressed. This year, we were able to go beyond what had been projected.”

After he addressed the club, Mayor Getty joined the retirees in listening to some live entertainment from the band the Affects.

“It was great to spend time with the retirees.  I love coming to their events and visiting with all the residents, said Mayor Getty.”

The Lyons Retirees is the largest civic club within Lyons and meet at the Lyons Village Hall twice a month.  Membership is twenty dollars per year. 


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