Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mayor Getty Seeks $400,000 in Park Improvements for Lyons

Mayor Getty Seeks $400,000 in Park Improvements for Lyons

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty met with Springfield legislators and government officials recently to push for the approval of a $400,000 grant to improve William G. Smith Park.

Getty said the Village applied for an “Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development” (OSLAD) grant to upgrade the park and renovate and replace equipment. 

Smith Park is located on Lawndale Avenue across the street from the Lyons Village Hall and is adjacent to the recently developed Veterans Park. 

“Smith Park is one of the final key pieces to successfully completing the park campus for our residents,” said Mayor Getty. 

“The Village complex is often the first thing that visitors to Lyons see and this will make it an even more impressive experience for visitors while also providing improved park services to our residents.”

Lyons is seeking $400,000 to rejuvenate and rebuild Smith Park, which has is in need of improvements.

In total, 69 municipalities applied for the OSLAD grant, but only 49 were invited to interview in Springfield.  Each applicant that went to Springfield had to speak in front of a state committee to prove why they deserve grant money. 

“Many Municipalities hire consultants to make the trip to Springfield, but I feel it is my responsibility to represent the Village of Lyons,” Getty said.  

Mayor Getty was accompanied by Parks and Recreation Director Frank Torres during the Springfield trip to meet with the OSLAD Committee members. 

One of the few elected officials to attend the meeting, Getty spoke firsthand about the village’s need to improve its parks and to receive state grant funds to complete the project. Getty stressed the improvement will benefit all of the residents of the entire village.

Frank Torres took the committee on a tour of the project which includes: a multipurpose field for soccer, football, and lacrosse, a picnic area, and a lighted walking path with exercise stations. 

“This is a unique and rare opportunity for Lyons, our residents deserve a park which everyone will enjoy,” said Director Torres.

Lyons is likely to receive notification of any grant award in early 2013.


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