Monday, December 31, 2012

From Blacktop to the Big Top

From Blacktop to the Big Top
By Christopher Getty
Mayor, Village of Lyons

As Mayor, I am constantly pondering how can we make things better and determine ways that the Village of Lyons can do more for its residents.

Some things are more obvious than others, like “Blacktop.” Everyone would like a new street and so I and the Village Board have been persistent in moving in that direction to pave our many streets. We have improved seven streets, just in this past year.

But many times, the real memories from a small community like Lyons come from things that the “big top” brings. 

I’m referring to the “big top” tent of the Kelly Miller Circus.  The Kelly Miller Circus rolled into Lyons for the first time ever in September of 2012 and it thrilled children of all ages at Smith Park. 

This was a fantastic show that I will always remember, from the clowns hitting each other over the head to the elephants parading around the ring thrilling the audience as they stood on their hind legs. 

Over 1,500 people came out to experience this one-ring wonder in Lyons and it truly touched the hearts of all in attendance.

At the same time, I do remind myself it’s not all fun and games and residents expect results.

That’s why “Blacktop” comes first and I push, as the Mayor, to constantly achieve these accomplishments. 

I am proud of what we have done. I pushed for the completion of Veterans Park, now the largest park in our community, and the construction of a concession stand to be finished in time for the Little League’s Opening Day this past spring.  I also pushed to have our parkway trees trimmed all across town, to insure safety and a beautiful neighborhood.

We routinely continue to move forward with many regular projects to modernize our water system, host our annual Father’s Day car show, apply for additional federal and state grant funds, and put on a fabulous parade and fireworks show on the fourth of July, which saw record attendance this past year.   

Most importantly in Lyons is the fact that we have real progress on all levels.  Yes, we’re laying new blacktop on our streets but we’re also making sure to provide those lasting “big top” memories in our communities.

I will continue to push for more or both, “Blacktop” and “Big Top,” and I look forward to what 2013 will bring for Lyons.


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