Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lyons holds line on tax levy; approves taxpayer rebates

Lyons holds line on tax levy; approves taxpayer rebates

The Lyons Village Board voted at its December 5th meeting to accept a budget proposal that holds the line on increases and maintains the annual tax levy at the same levels as the prior year, Mayor Christopher Getty said.

Getty said the budget that was submitted will have to be voted on by the full board following the public hearing. It addresses serious budget issues left by prior administrations and will eventually become the basis for next year’s 2013 budget.

"I and everyone on the board recognizes how tough our economy is and how important it is that we carefully review all spending to identify savings for our taxpayers," Mayor Getty said.

"The board voted unanimously to abate two tax levies on debt service obligation bonds obtained from prior administrations that significantly reduces the village debt on combined bonds totaling just over 2 million dollars."

In introducing the villages new budget, Mayor Getty and village administrators worked tirelessly to rectify the $900,000 in deficits left by the prior administration.

“There were numerous budget issues left to us by the past administrations,” said Mayor Getty.
"We have fixed these issues and are ready to move forward.”

Mayor Getty said a public hearings on the budget will be held on December 19th at 6:45 pm. Copies of the budget will be made available to the public, Mayor Getty said. He said that the village will begin the process to approve the 2013 budget in January.

Additionally, the board voted to abate $2 million in taxes on past debt levies approved by past administrations, and approved several contract renewals including one for Groot Industries that is significantly lower and that reduces village costs.

Getty said that in the past the contract has reflected increases that had been passed on to residents. He said by reducing the Groot contract, rather than increasing it, the fees for garbage collection will remain unchanged through next year.

“You see other communities constantly increasing garbage collection costs but we were able to keep them down this year,” Getty said.


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