Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lyons takes quick action in graffiti removal

Lyons takes quick action in graffiti removal

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty reacted quickly to reported graffiti at Smith Park by ordering the immediate removal of the vandalism.

The Mayor’s quick reaction reflects his strong belief in the “Broken Window” theory when dealing with crime prevention.

Photo caption: Mayor Christopher Getty with Resident Michael Bennett

“The ‘Broken Window’ theory calls for us to fix the relatively small problems quickly in order to prevent future crimes from developing,” said Mayor Getty.

Mayor Getty said this has been carried out by tearing down or renovating damaged buildings, active maintenance and cleaning of the village, encouraging property owners to upkeep their yards and acting quickly to reported vandalism.

Upon receiving the graffiti report at Smith Park, Mayor Getty assessed the damage and ordered its immediate removal.

Smith Park is a public park and it was imperative to order the removal of the graffiti the same day the incident occurred, said Mayor Getty.   

“We need to be proactive by providing outlets for kids; having clean parks, having recreation programming, and when we need to be reactive our response needs to be immediate” said Mayor Getty who observed the removal of the graffiti.

Removing graffiti helps the quality of life in Lyons. Mayor Getty encourages everyone to report graffiti and any vandalism to the Lyons Police Department.


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