Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lyons Board makes Christie a One Way

Lyons Board makes Christie a One Way

The Lyons Village Board approved turning Christie Avenue into a west bound one way street.

Trustee Paul Marchiori, who resides on Christie,  along with his neighbors have long desired one direction of traffic on the narrow street. Trustee Marchiori brought this to Mayor Getty’s Attention and the two of them petitioned the one way option to the residents on Christie.

Residents on the block supported the measure overwhelmingly with all the homes supporting it on the block but one.

Marchiori said he was concerned for the safety of everyone on the block.

“Our street is just too narrow to have two directions of traffic,” said Marchiori. “I appreciate the support I received from the Mayor and the other board members.”

The board also approved 42nd Street to the North of Christie Avenue to be a through street. The board hopes this will make 42nd Street more accessible for Police leaving Village Hall and Smith Park more accessible to residents.


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