Monday, February 25, 2013

Marine praises Mayor Getty for his ongoing support to military and veterans

Marine praises Mayor Getty for his ongoing support to military and veterans

Sergeant Ryan Knaul of the United States Marine Corps recognized Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty for his continued support of the Armed Forces during a Lyons Village Board Meeting last week.

The active duty marine expressed his gratitude by presenting Mayor Getty with a honorary plaque.

“I wanted to personally come and recognize you as an elected leader supporting our troops,” Sergeant Knaul said in a presentation the board and Mayor Getty.  “The support you give does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Over the past four years, Mayor Getty and the Village of Lyons have coordinated a series of events in honor of the Armed Forces.

In 2011, Mayor Getty organized a Welcome Home Ceremony for local active duty military returning from overseas deployments.

Mayor Getty opened and dedicated Veterans Park to the Armed Forces in 2012 and also actively participates in annual Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies held by the Village.

“I am deeply honored to receive this plaque from Sergeant Knaul,” said Mayor Getty.

 “The Village and I will continue to do our part to display our endless appreciation for the service and sacrifice by the members of the armed forces during the times of both peace and war.”


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mayor and Library Director meet to discuss future programs

Mayor and Library Director meet to discuss future programs

Mayor Getty recently met with new Lyons Library Director Daniel Powers to discuss the library's direction and upcoming programs. 

Director Powers plans to improve library programs and work to update technology in order to provide quality resources for library members and residents, said mayor Getty.

“From the day he started, Director Powers has taken a hands on approach towards library improvements,” said Mayor Getty. “He is a great individual who cares about providing for the community and I am excited to work with him.”

Director Powers was hired in late 2012.

Serving as its own form of municipal government, the library is governed by its own Board of Trustees, which is comprised of seven board members. Two board positions are up for election April 9th.

The Lyons library is located at 4209 Joliet Avenue. It provides books, access to computers, DVD’s, CD’s and ample quiet reading space.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Column: Building Relationships the foundation of success

Building Relationships the foundation of success
By Christopher Getty

Building relationships sounds simple. But is it? We all have our own lives, jobs, families, and personal goals and building relationships at times gets put off or forgotten about.

Good solid relationships are the brick and mortar of success. Yes, we must take our own paths and live our own lives, but in between all that we must work with one another and build relationships with those who are around us.

Here in the Southwest Suburbs we have recently seen a unified cohesion among our elected leaders working together. It has taken time to build these relationships and it has taken efforts from both sides, but now we are experiencing the fruits of our labor. I for one was surprised on how this developed over the recent years. When I first entered the elected official arena it was common place not to talk to other boards or elected leaders and even the norm to work against each other.

Interestingly, times have changed. These strong relationships are real change for the good for all of our local communities. Does it help we have Senator Steve Landek and Commissioner Jeff Tobolski who also serve as local Mayors? Yes. 

I think it helps keep everyone grounded and brings us as leaders together. Furthermore, we have great legislators like Congressman Lipinski who care about our interests and is ready and willing to stand up for our values.

This unique dynamic of togetherness and cohesion comes from building relationships and taking time to work together for a common good. It’s in the best interest for all of us to work together and build better relationships with those around us.

(Christopher Getty is the mayor of the Village of Lyons)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Representative Tabares Works with Lyons Officials on securing state funding support

Representative Tabares Works with Lyons Officials on securing state funding support

Illinois State Representative Silvana Tabares recently met with Lyons Village Clerk Dawn Campos and Lyons Trustee Teresa Echeverria to discuss seeking state funding for future projects and goals for the Village of Lyons.
Representative Tabares, who was just sworn into office in early January, said she is eager to begin working for the municipalities she represents and to seek funding for community projects.
“I am ready to provide for my district and for the communities I represent like the Village of Lyons,” Tabares said.
Clerk Campos and Trustee Echeverria discussed with Representative Tabares future street resurfacing projects and potential funding from the State of Illinois for other public works and capital improvement projects.
“We need to be proactive and work with our legislators to bring funding to Lyons,” said Clerk Dawn Campos.
The Village of Lyons implemented a street resurfacing plan under the leadership of Mayor Christopher Getty which has resulted in resurfacing 15 streets in the last 4 years. And additional three streets set for resurfacing in 2013.
Trustee Echeverria voiced her desire to receive funding for economic development along Ogden Avenue, saying, “We need to invest in economic and business development to help reduce the tax burden on our residents.”
State Representative Silvana Tabares was very responsive and appreciative of the concerns of the elected leaders in Lyons. She said she looks forward to helping Lyons resurface streets and assist in economic development.
The Village of Lyons was recently awarded a grant by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency of Planning for development projects. Clerk Dawn Campos said that Lyons will invite Representative Tabares to participate in the village’s grant and funding process moving forward.

Photo Caption: (From left) Lyons Clerk Dawn Campos, State Representative Silvana Tabares, and Lyons Trustee Teresa Echeverria meet to discuss Village of Lyons planned projects and potential funding sources that might be available from the State of Illinois.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Village of Lyons welcomes Chicagoland’s Premier Basketball School

Village of Lyons welcomes Chicagoland’s Premier Basketball School

The Athlete Within Basketball School has moved its facilities to Lyons.  Providing intense programs and lessons for students ranging from grade school to college, TAW has become one of Chicagoland’s premier basketball schools and has made Lyons its permanent home.

Located at 7930 Ogden Avenue, the newly renovated facility has a professional style basketball court, new bathrooms, showers and an office space. They offer  lessons and programs all year long.    

TAW owner and coach Derek Molis, a Village of McCook native, was eager to work with the Village of Lyons and Mayor Christopher Getty.

“Mr. Molis has a passion for teaching the game and a great business sense,” said Mayor Getty. “The village and I are very proud the school has moved to Lyons.”

Mayor Getty said Molis worked with the village in making sure his school was up to village codes.

Recently touring the TAW facilities, Mayor Getty said he was very impressed with what Mr. Molis had done with the space.

Derek Molis serves as the Captain of The United States Lithuanian Basketball Team, winning Gold Medals in 2005 and 2009 at The Lithuanian World Olympic Games.

Molis will return to Lithuania in June of this year to play in his final Lithuanian World Olympic Games for Team USA.

For additional information about TAW please visit their website at