Saturday, February 16, 2013

Column: Building Relationships the foundation of success

Building Relationships the foundation of success
By Christopher Getty

Building relationships sounds simple. But is it? We all have our own lives, jobs, families, and personal goals and building relationships at times gets put off or forgotten about.

Good solid relationships are the brick and mortar of success. Yes, we must take our own paths and live our own lives, but in between all that we must work with one another and build relationships with those who are around us.

Here in the Southwest Suburbs we have recently seen a unified cohesion among our elected leaders working together. It has taken time to build these relationships and it has taken efforts from both sides, but now we are experiencing the fruits of our labor. I for one was surprised on how this developed over the recent years. When I first entered the elected official arena it was common place not to talk to other boards or elected leaders and even the norm to work against each other.

Interestingly, times have changed. These strong relationships are real change for the good for all of our local communities. Does it help we have Senator Steve Landek and Commissioner Jeff Tobolski who also serve as local Mayors? Yes. 

I think it helps keep everyone grounded and brings us as leaders together. Furthermore, we have great legislators like Congressman Lipinski who care about our interests and is ready and willing to stand up for our values.

This unique dynamic of togetherness and cohesion comes from building relationships and taking time to work together for a common good. It’s in the best interest for all of us to work together and build better relationships with those around us.

(Christopher Getty is the mayor of the Village of Lyons)

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