Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mayor praises fast action of Lyons Police Officer

Mayor praises fast action of Lyons Police Officer

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty applauded the fast work of Lyons Police Officer Charles Wright who rescued two residents from a smoke-filled apartment building early Monday morning he sat in his home Monday afternoon.

Wright is a 29 year veteran of the Lyons Police Department who also grew up in the community.

The fire consumed parts of a six-unit apartment building near 45th Place and Prescott Avenue shortly after midnight early Monday morning.

"To everyone in Lyons, and especially to the tenants of the building, Officer Wright is a true hero," said Lyons Mayor Chris Getty.

"Officer Wright is like many of our first responders who put their lives on the line everyday to protect our citizenry. They don't think of themselves. They think of the people. Officer Wright was patrolling the community and saw flames coming from the basement of the building. He quickly pulled over and his first thought was making sure people were safe."

Wright's actions saved many lives. He roused several families from their sleep and alerted the fire department which responded quickly.

"There is no doubt that what he did saved lives," Mayor Getty said. "And when you asked him about it, he will say he was just doing his job. He was. First responders and public servants like him are the role models all governments need to inspire its citizens to perform to the highest levels of achievement and service."

Getty said that the Lyons Village board will recognize Officer Wright's heroism and fast action, and the action of others who helped awaken the tenants of the building.

Also responding to the fire, according to police reports, were Lyons Police Officers Rob Zieman, Richard Brown, Jeff Studlow and Jennifer Markowski.

Although the building was damaged extensively, all tenants survived. Authorities said the fire started in a basement apartment but had not determined the cause.


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