Monday, May 20, 2013

Lyons Celebrates 125 Years with Restored Painting

Lyons Celebrates 125 Years with Restored Painting

The Village of Lyons is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year as a municipal government.

As a part of the commemoration of the Village's history and culture, Mayor Christopher Getty directed the restoration and enclosure of a 115 year old painting of Mueller's Brewery which was popular along Ogden Avenue and the Des Plaines River during the early 19th Century. The painting was originally commissioned in 1898 and measures 15 feet x 7 feet tall but had remained hidden in storage foryears.

"This painting is a treasure from our history and I felt it was important for it to be on display for all to enjoy,” Mayor Getty said.

“This painting is a great reminder of who we are, where we came from, where we’ve been as a Village."

Artist Joseph Antos painted the Brewery painting and it was donated to the Village by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neher in 1976. Antos created the painting in Neher's Tavern which was located across the Des Plaines River (going West) from Mueller's Brewery.

This past April, Mayor Getty had the painting placed in the lobby of the Lyons Village Hall where it is on full display for public viewing and he launched a campaign to promote the 125 year milestone bycreating commemorative posters that have been distributed to residents and business owners. And, through a partnership with local businesses, the vIllage has placed 6 Foot Banners along the roadways celebrating the Village's 125 year birthday.

Mayor Getty said the banners feature the Village's birthday and include the names of the sponsoring businesses.

"It's a great way to show our community pride and to also help our local businesses," Mayor Getty said.


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