Monday, July 22, 2013

Lyons shelters residents during heat wave

Lyons shelters residents during heat wave

The Village of Lyons provided a cooling center for residents during last week’s heat wave.

Located in both lobbies of the Village Hall and the Lyons Police Station, the center gave relief to more than 30 residents. Cold bottles of water were also available.

“Temperatures were dangerously high and we wanted to make sure residents had a place they could go to find relief from the heat if needed,” said Mayor Christopher Getty.  

“Lyons is a community that comes together during times of need and we strongly encourage the residents to utilize the amenities that the village can offer,” he added.

Mayor Getty said the Village will continue to offer the cooling center to residents when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.  

The Village Hall is located at 4200 Lawndale Avenue.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireworks Display Lights Up Lyons 4th of July Celebrations for 125th Year Anniversary

Fireworks Display Lights Up Lyons 4th of July Celebrations for 125th Year Anniversary

Thousands of families and residents gathered at Smith Park to enjoy the Village of Lyons annual July 4th fireworks display.

The fireworks show symbolized the village's participation in the country's Independence Day Celebrations but also the strides that have been made to improve parks, recreation and family-related community events, said Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty. 

“We take a lot of pride in our July 4th festivities here in Lyons,” said Mayor Getty. “I am always impressed by the number of people who come out and participate. It shows how vibrant the Village of Lyons and our community are. Our residents are involved.”

Mayor Getty said Lyons is celebrating its 125th year as a municipality and had decided to add a bit more to the fireworks display this year in conjunction with this celebration as well.

The fireworks display concluded a fun-filled day of events including a village parade along Joliet Avenue and a kid’s party in Veterans Park.  Mayor Getty could not provide an exact number of people in attendance to view the fireworks but said it was the largest crowd he had ever seen. 

“I was told that the fireworks were so impressive that drivers were pulling off on Ogden to watch,” said Getty. “It was a great day and I am proud of the patriotism and enthusiasm shown by our residents and our neighboring communities.”

Many spectators were impressed with the 25 minute show that provided a versatile display of sophisticated

“I am never disappointed with the fireworks display here in Lyons, but this year they were incredible,” said Eddie Wilkowski