Monday, July 22, 2013

Lyons shelters residents during heat wave

Lyons shelters residents during heat wave

The Village of Lyons provided a cooling center for residents during last week’s heat wave.

Located in both lobbies of the Village Hall and the Lyons Police Station, the center gave relief to more than 30 residents. Cold bottles of water were also available.

“Temperatures were dangerously high and we wanted to make sure residents had a place they could go to find relief from the heat if needed,” said Mayor Christopher Getty.  

“Lyons is a community that comes together during times of need and we strongly encourage the residents to utilize the amenities that the village can offer,” he added.

Mayor Getty said the Village will continue to offer the cooling center to residents when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.  

The Village Hall is located at 4200 Lawndale Avenue.


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