Monday, February 10, 2014

Nine additional Firefighters hired by the Village of Lyons

Nine additional Firefighters hired by the Village of Lyons

Nine “Paid on Call” Firefighters are set to be appointed by the Lyons Fire Department this month increasing the ranks of the Village’s Emergency Response Team.

Lyons began the testing process for “Paid on Call” (POC) Firefighters at the end of 2013 and the chosen applicants are in the final stages of screening.

“POC’s play a vital role in our department and provide the manpower for shift coverage, emergency calls, community events and fire prevention activities” said Lyons Fire Chief Gordon Nord.’’

With the newly hired nine POC’s, Lyons will have 37 firefighters/EMTs total, with 31 POC’s and 6 full time contract employees.    

“Our basic goal is to have enough manpower and equipment to respond to the ordinary day to day responses within our village without having to rely on mutual aid exclusively,” Fire Chief Nord said.

Fire Chief Nord said he considered the testing process a great success and the applicants are given an excellent opportunity to serve their local community.

The Village of the Lyons is planning to reopen the enrollment process within the next six months to fill additional Paid on Call Firefighter positions within the department.

“Nothing is more important that protecting the lives of our citizens and having a professional and effective emergency response team ready to respond to emergencies,” Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty said.

“Our fire department does an outstanding job and the village supports its need to keep their department filled with an adequate amount of Firefighters and EMT’s to maintain their steadfast reliability and to ensure safety throughout the community.”

(Photo caption: Three members of the Village of Lyons Fire Department in full firefighting gear. Photo Credit the Village of Lyons)