Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lyons Approves Ordinance to safeguard public in gun sales

Lyons Approves Ordinance to safeguard public in gun sales

(See supporting documents, ordinance, settlement agreement and key points at end of story.)

Lyons, Illinois – Village Mayor Christopher Getty today announced that the village has approved an ordinance that spells out procedures to help crackdown on the sale of guns to “straw purchasers.”

The ordinance responds to a lawsuit filed last July by Chicago activists who alleged three suburban Chicago communities including Lyons are responsible for guns sold legally at a village-based gun shop that later made their way into the hands of criminals.
Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty (2nd from right) is joined by Cook COunty Sheriff's representative Michael Anton, Lyons Deputy Police Chief Matthew Buckley and attorney Burton S. Odelson
Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty (2nd from left) is joined by Cook County Sheriff's representative Michael Anton, Lyons Deputy Police Chief Matthew Buckley and attorney Burton S. Odelson
Getty said he is confident Lyons would have been dismissed from the lawsuit, but said taking action to increase the safety and security of residents is a priority. In response, the plaintiffs have agreed to remove the Village of Lyons from their lawsuit.

“The new ordinance approved today spells out a strategy to help prevent straw buyers from purchasing guns that end up in the hands of criminals,” Getty said.

“Working with the Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, the plaintiffs, the Lyons Police and the gun shop in Lyons, we believe that through this partnership we can significantly reduce the likelihood of legally purchased guns ending up in the hands of people who use them in the commission of a crime.”

The ordinance calls for close cooperation between the Village of Lyons and the gun shop, Midwest Sporting Goods, 8565 Plainfield Rd, which is the only gun retailer in Lyons.

A few components would include the gun shop sharing the same information with the Village of Lyons Police that they provide to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, random inspections by the local officials as well as providing proper training to gun shop employees to better detect straw purchases.

“Some guns that are sold legally do fall into the hands of the wrong people. But the gun dealer, who cooperated with us, and the Village of Lyons have no control over that, we can only aim to work together to continue to make policies better” Getty said.

“This is about being practical to prevent the sale of guns to the wrong people.”

The ordinance was approved unanimously at a special board meeting held on Tuesday afternoon (October 27, 2015) and becomes law immediately.



1.    Information on legal FOID card holders who are denied purchase of a gun will be transmitted within 48 hours of the denial to the Lyons Police Department (potential legal purchasers who appear to be straw buyers).

2.    All “trace” information received from ATF or the Illinois State Police regarding prospective illegal gun purchasers will be transmitted to the Lyons Police Department.

3.    At least two random inspections of the gun shop will be made by Lyons Police and the Sheriff of Cook County, collectively, and will include inspection and approval of an anti-theft safety plan which includes:
a.    exterior lighting;
b.    surveillance video cameras, including point-of-sale;
c.    alarm systems; and
d.    safe storage of weapons and ammunition.
4.    Inspection and approval of internal record keeping procedures and inventory audits.
5.    Employee background checks and training.
6.    Maintain a “DO NOT SELL” list.
7.    Record all persons who purchase multiple guns within a 12-month period.
8.    An Intergovernmental Agreement between Lyons and the Sheriff of Cook County to work collectively in doing inspections and sharing documents.
9.    Enforcement of the Ordinance through the Mayor’s office whereby if there are more than two violations of the business regulations, the Mayor may suspend or revoke the business license of the gun shop.
Click here to view the lawsuit Settlement Agreement (PDF)

Click here to view the Village of Lyons Ordinance (PDF)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Getty Elected President of the West Central Municipal Conference

Getty Elected President of the West Central Municipal Conference

Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty was unanimously elected president of the West Central Municipal Conference (WCMC) on Friday, May  8, 2015 representing 44 public and government entities in the West suburban Chicagoland region.

Getty, who has been chief executive of Lyons since 2009, succeeds Harwood Heights Mayor Arlene Jezierny who was honored at the meeting along with several regional mayors for public service.

Getty was nominated by the WCMC membership in a large part because of the achievements he has led during his six years as Mayor of Lyons and also his service as a former Vice President of the WCMC since 2014 and also as the group’s Legislative Chairman.

“Over the past two terms, we have done a tremendous amount of work in Lyons to bring the community together, to fight crime, to address the challenges of shrinking revenues and expanding services, and to continue to provide services to our residents, our seniors and our families,” Getty said during his acceptance speech.

“This year we as communities and as a conference will face challenges and venture onto new ground, but this is all a part of continuing the process of growing our communities and this vital organization. The WCMC will continue to enhance and foster intergovernmental cooperation among its members and we will continue to bring you the quality service you deserve.”

Nearly 500 people attended the formal dinner banquet at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont where officials and members celebrated the achievements of several other municipal and government leaders including Cicero Town President Larry Dominick, who was honored for his unique and expansive services to senior citizens, and 16th District Cook County Commissioner and McCook Mayor Jeffrey Tobolski, who was recognized for his efforts with intergovernmental cooperation.

Officers elected along with Mayor Getty include Western Springs President William Rodeghier as vice president, River Grove Mayor Marilyn May as Treasurer, and as Directors Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero, Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone, River Forest President Catherine Adduci, Tobolski, Northlake Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin, Westchester Mayor Sam Pulia, Hillside Village Administrator Russ Wajda, and Western Springs Village Manager Patrick R. Higgins.

“I am honored to follow in the footsteps of Arlene Jezierny and in the footsteps of many great Mayors who have worked so hard to make the West Central Municipal Conference the voice of our region,” Getty said after introducing the new WCMC Executive Committee.

“As our new president, I will work hard to represent the interests of all of the municipalities and suburban communities that this great organization represents. The West Central brings together so many different communities. From here in Rosemont all the way down to the Village of Willow Springs in the South. Virtually every suburb west of the City of Chicago is represented within the WCMC. I come to this position with a willingness to serve as I have in my own community the Village of Lyons.”

Getty also presided over the presentation of awards to Tobolski and Dominick, and also expressing gratitude to the outgoing president, Mayor Jezierny.

Getty joined WCMC officers and officials in presenting the Donald E. Stephens Award of Excellence to Cicero Town President Larry Dominick.

In accepting his award, Dominick said, “I am proud to receive this honor from the West Central Municipal Conference. This organization provides enormous support to the communities in the West Suburbs and is a voice for advocating for the needs of our residents and taxpayers.”

Tobolski received the Jack Williams Intergovernmental Achievement Award for his efforts to advance regional government cooperation. The award is named in honor of former Franklin Park Mayor Jack Williams who distinguished himself during his 40 years of public service.

“Intergovernmental cooperation is the hallmark of the WCMC. The ties that bind West suburban government and civic leaders are powerful and resilient. It is with the spirit of kinship I present the Jack Williams Intergovernmental Award,” Getty said.

Also attending the event were local legislators State Senator and Bridgeview Mayor Steven Landek, and State Representatives Lisa Hernandez and Silvana Tabares.

Getty was joined by officials from the Village of Lyons and by his family including his wife Kristen, who this past Winter gave birth to the couples first child, Isabella, and Getty’s parents, former Mayor Kenneth Getty and Mrs. Anna Getty, and his brother Kenneth Getty.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lyons-McCook Little League Kicks off 2015 Season

Lyons-McCook Little League Kicks off 2015 Season
Volunteers pose with Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty, McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski, & White Sox Mascot Southpaw.
Lyons-McCook Little League celebrated the start of their 2015 season with their annual opening ceremony festivities held at Veteran’s Park baseball fields in Lyons on Sunday, May 3rd.
All Lyons-McCook little league teams and their families were invited to come out and enjoy a day of face painting, food from concessions, tacos, music, and pictures with the Chicago White Sox Mascot, South Paw.
“We are excited for the upcoming season and we couldn’t have pulled the day off without the help of so many great volunteers,” said Lyons-McCook Little League President Rich Polich.  “During a time when some communities are losing teams we are actually added teams to our league.”
Polich said they have added two additional teams this season.
Each team was announced on the field and both mayors, Mayor Jeff Tobolski of McCook and Mayor Christopher Getty of Lyons, threw out celebratory first pitches.
“The Lyons-McCook Little League has done a fantastic job of providing local families with a baseball program that we are proud of,” said Lyons Mayor Christopher Getty.
The Veteran’s Park baseball fields in Lyons will serve as both the home and practice fields for all Lyons-McCook Little League games. The season will run from now until the end of July.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lyons takes over residential waste collection to cut costs

Lyons takes over residential waste collection to cut costs

One of the new garbage trucks purchased by Lyons
One of the new garbage trucks purchased by Lyons
On December 31st of 2014 the Village of Lyons ended it’s long term relationship with Groot Industries by electing to not renew their Residential waste and recycling collection contract.
The Village of Lyons has expanded the Public Works Department’s services, adding waste removal trucks and hiring employees. But the change, Village President Christopher Getty said, will improve accountability to residents and result in cost savings.
Over the past 4 years, the Village of Lyons has identified areas for tightening spending and improving services to make services to the community more efficient, saving taxpayers more than $500,000 a year.
“Residents won’t notice any real substantive change in the collection of waste and recycling each week,” Getty said. “But longterm, and even in the first year, we believe the village will see a cost savings.”
Village Manager Tom Sheahan explained that Groot was pushing for annual increases of 4% which would have forced the village to increases garbage rates on residences.
After analyzing what Groot does for nearly $500,000 a year the Village felt confident Public Works could take on this roll and save the village money.
Capital outlay included purchasing two used garbage trucks. Labor included hiring two more full time public works employees.  The collection day for all residents remains the same.  
Mayor Getty said he is very confident Public Works can take on waste and recycling collection for the residents and do it for less money.   This will give the village the ability to analyze waste costs, provide better service, and expand public works’ manpower.
Village Trustee Paul Marchiori stated he was excited about the idea and thought it was a great opportunity for the village to save money and was happy the board supported the administration and Department of Public Works in the new endeavor.
The garbage will continue to go to the same waste location, the Republic Transfer Station in McCook which Lyons contracts through the West Cook Solid Waste Agency. The recycling will now go to Lakeshore Recycling Systems in Forest View instead of going to Groot Industries in McCook. 
Other local towns have been doing this service in house for decades, Sheahan said, including nearby communities such as Stickney, McCook and Cicero.
“All of them collect their own waste and recycling and they do a very good job,” Sheahan said. “We believe we can do the same.”
The Village did receive assistance from an outside consultant who helped manage the transition and train the new hires on the equipment and procedures.